German Shepherds studs

Our German Shepherds studs come from some of the finest and most historic bloodlines in the world. With champion bloodlines male German Shepherds, we can ensure the best results for our clients and a great upbringing for our puppies. We have long been established as one of the most trusted and reliable sources for German Shepherd puppies in the US. We are passionate about German Shepherd dogs and giving them the best chance possible to succeed as a pet and companion. To ensure this success, we take great care in our breeding practices and bloodlines.
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Quality first Par Responsible Breeding Practices

We are a responsible German Shepherd breeder that uses the best practices to ensure world class results for our German Shepherd puppies and our families. In our breeding process, the health of our male German Shepherds is first and foremost. We are passionate about caring for these wonderful dogs and would never do anything to harm them or jeopardize a safe German Shepherd bloodline.
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Responsible breeder

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Our Breanding German Shepherd Males

Xtremo Vom Frankengold

Imported from Germany

Conor vom Royalhaus

Imported from Germany

German Shepherd champion bloodlines

Our German Shepherds studs are descendants from the same premium and successful German shepherd champion bloodlines. For years, we have been providing excellent puppies from this bloodline and without fail, our black and red german shepherd dogs are well accustomed to people, receptive to training, and the perfect new addition to families everywhere. You can count on a future of success because we have a history of success with German Shepherd puppies and dogs.
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Easy to train

How can i spend less when purchasing a german Shepherd ?

You should definitely avoid purchasing a “cheap puppy.”. Hip dysplasia is by far the major problem with uncontrolled breeding of German Shepherd Dogs. This condition can be passed on to the puppies if the mating couple is not checked for it. When purchasing your puppy, do not skimp on paying a few hundred dollars more. You must look for a trustworthy breeder and ensure that you pay for a healthy puppy. The best (and only) way to ensure that your German Shepherd will be a devoted friend and companion for life is to do this.
german shepherd puppies
german shepherd puppies

History of companionship

For years, our German shepherd dogs have been widely regarded as one of the best choices for companionship for families and individuals. Our German Shepherds studs are suitable for training and companionship alike. Their superior breeding and amazing temperament mean we are able to provide German shepherd puppies that exhibit favorable traits that have been passed down for generations.