Our Female German Shepherd Dogs

Part of what makes our selection of German Shepherd dogs one of the most special and exclusive in the world is the quality of our breeding practices. Our female German Shepherd dogs are part of that process and are known as some of the finest in the world. Our females are special creatures that are intelligent, friendly, and some of the best companions you could find. Their litters exhibit their traits and we are happy to give you insight into our female German Shepherds and the role they play in our breeding process.

Responsibly Bred

When breeding our female German Shepherds, our first priority is safety and responsibility. As breeders, we have a responsibility to keep our world-renowned bloodlines intact and healthy. Safety and health are our first priorities when breeding our female German Shepherds because we care about our dogs and the quality of our dogs that we provide our clients.

Our Females

Kiwi vom Frankengold

About this German Shepherd female :

Quintessenz vom Frankengold

About this German Shepherd female :

Pretty vom Pendler

About this German Shepherd female :

Carina vom Frankengold

About this German Shepherd female :

Bella vom special Highlight

About this German Shepherd female :

Bita vom Royalhaus

About this German Shepherd female :


Socialization is very important in the breeding process and our female German Shepherds are socialized to the fullest extent. These traits are passed down to our German Shepherd puppies, which are widely considered some of the best dogs for companionship in the world.

A History of Success

If you want proof of the quality of our female German shepherds, you need to look no further than our history of success breeding happy, healthy puppies that are well suited to training and family life. Our champion bloodlines that go back hundreds of years are perfectly preserved and shown each day with our well-tempered female German Shepherds.
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