German Shepherd Colors

Let’s dive into the world of German Shepherd colors.
The German Shepherd is an extremely popular breed in America and are highly regarded as family pets. It is not just their personality that we adore but their color plays a big part in their appeal.
We will explore some of the different German Shepherd coats and colors. There are a few desired colors of the German Shepherd Dog, that include: black and red, solid black and sable. The coat color may vary although strong rich colors are preferred. Let’s take a closer look!

german shepherd puppy

Most Common German Shepherd Colors

When it comes to German shepherd colors, there are most certainly colors that are more desirable than others. Here are some of the most common colors that you will see in purebred German shepherds.

Black and Red German Shepherd

Black German Shepherd

Sable German Shepherd

Most of our dogs are imported from Germany and are World Class Champion Show Line black and red dogs. Black and red German shepherds boast a striking contrast between their vibrant red and the extreme black saddle and mask. These colors make Show Line German Shepherds truly stand out.

We provide World Class German Shepherd puppies from European bloodlines .
The appearance & conformation of our puppies is very important to us.

quintessenz Vom Frankengold from german shepherd breeder

Black and Red German shepherds

For anyone that buys German shepherds for their appearance, black and red German shepherds are one of the best options out there. The red color of their fur is shiny in the sun and can’t be missed when you see it. Black and red German shepherds exhibit all of the characteristics of German shepherds. This is definitely the highest quality of the color which is present in the Show World and wins prices. For this reason, our dogs are very popular among dog lovers and enthusiasts.

In addition to all the classic benefits that German shepherds have to offer, our black and red German shepherds are a no-brainer for families and dog lovers. They are highly protective and are very receptive to training due to their intelligence and eagerness to learn.