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Royalty K9 is the US standard as a German Shepherd breeder and has provided champion bloodlines for years to happy clients. Our experience, reputation, and best practices separate our dogs from the rest of the market. Our distinguished German Shepherd breeding services are based in the USA and are available to individuals or families looking for a wonderful addition to their home. Featured in shows around the world, the performance and bloodline of our German Shepherds distinguish us from the field and provide us with the designation of the elite.

German shepherd breeder

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German shepherd breeder


German shepherd breeder


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Date of birth : February 24 2022

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German Shepherd Breeder Current Litter

happy black and red German Shepherd Dog
Are you looking for a high-quality German Shepherd puppies breeder? If you want the very best, feel free to browse our current litter page. You can select from our existing German Shepherd puppies or reserve your spot for a future litter. From start to finish, we do things the right way. There is no match for the quality and dedication that we insist upon for each and every litter. Enjoy the results of that dedication with a premium puppy from our world-renowned German Shepherd breeder champion bloodlines. Browse our litters to discover why we are considered one of the most elite dogs in the world.

Why Royalty K9 German Shepherd Breeders?

happy black and red German Shepherd Dog

If you’re looking for a dog breeder to provide a new addition to your family, then look no further. We have established a reputation for being an elite and steady provider of some of the highest-quality puppies in the world. Here are some of the benefits of working with Royalty K9 German Shepherd breeders.

World-Class Training

Not only do we provide world-class champion  bloodlines to select from, but we also have rigorous training options to help you train your highly intelligent and always willing-to-learn puppy.

Champion German Shepherd Bloodlines

Working with Royalty K9 gives you instant access to some of the most established and high-quality champion bloodlines. Our puppies have gone on to win shows and competitions all around the world.

Dogs First

At Royalty K9, we love our dogs and work hard to find homes for our dogs that will also give them the love and attention that they deserve.
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