Long vs Short haired German Shepherd

If you are thinking about adding a Black and red German Shepherd to your family, then one of the most important decisions that you will have to make is whether you want a long-haired German Shepherd or a short-haired German Shepherd. Both long-haired German Shepherds and short-haired GSD are known for many positive features, but to know for sure whether a long-haired German Shepherd or a short-haired German Shepherd is right for you, you should examine their characteristics to learn more about them individually.

German Shepherd Grooming Requirements

Though long-haired German Shepherds share a lot in common with short-haired German Shepherds, there are a few notable differences. Because of the nature of their different type of coats, one of the most relevant differences is in the grooming requirements that you will need to meet to keep their coat in good health. But long-haired German Shepherd and short-haired will require approximately the same amount of grooming, for different reasons. Even though they do not have an undercoat, long-haired German Shepherds shed just about as much as short-haired German Shepherds. If you do not groom them frequently, their hair will get stuck in their coat and create fur balls that are not comfortable for the dog. Don’t get surprised if when you groom them there is a lot of hair coming out. The hair gets trapped inside the fur and that’s why you need to groom them frequently.

As for short-haired GSD, they will shed more during shedding seasons in spring and fall. Their fur will not prevent their hair from coming off of them and it will be more likely that you find their hair on your furniture and floors. Grooming their fur will prevent your and their environment from getting messy and unhealthy.

Both short-haired and long-haired German Shepherds will require grooming. A grooming schedule of 2 to 3 times a week should be enough for your German Shepherd and you to stay happy and healthy.

Short & Longhaired German Shepherds Temperament

Adult Longhaired German shepherd

You should know that there is no noticeable difference between the temperament of the long-haired German Shepherd and the short-haired German Shepherd. They are loyal, protective and really intelligent dogs. Both dogs are very similar. You can expect many of the same personality traits and characteristics from both German Shepherds.

The only difference is that the Long Haired German Shepherd is more adapted to working than the Short Haired German Shepherd, which is the largest distinction. 

This implies that they could be more reserved among strangers and have a sharper mind. Since there is no scientific distinction between the breeds, this difference is mostly anecdotal. It all depends on the traits a breeder has worked hard to pass down via their generations.

Does the long-haired German Shepherd shed More?

German Shepherds with long or short hair both shed a lot.

The spring and fall shedding seasons are when the Short Haired German Shepherd sheds the most (because of their undercoat). Year round, the Long Haired German Shepherd typically sheds the same amount.

Short haired Shepherds leave more hair on clothes, carpets, and furniture. The shed fur is kept in its coat by the long-haired animal.

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