german shepherd puppies

A satisfied client

I got a puppy from Royalhaus several months ago and I couldn’t ask for a better puppy. She is amazing and I’ve owned dogs most my life but never had one listen and as good as this one. I highly recommend!!

- Paul Woodrum

A satisfied family

After much searching and reading I contacted the people at Royalhaus for a German Shepherd Puppy. They were friendly and knowledgeable. I looked at the puppy’s available and chose my puppy.

I took Aegon vom Royalhaus home that day. He is smart, strong and healthy. West German working line with many champions in his bloodline and a clean bill of health with no hip issues.

He has been the best puppy I have ever had. I cannot recommend Royalhaus any higher. Simply the best breeders to go to for German Shepherd dogs!!

- David Padgett

german shepherd testimonial

Found a life long buddy

he has amazing personality, I know everything about him and his pedigree, and the breeder helped me choose the best baby for what I wanted. I have learned that this is not true of many breeders. I may be biased, but I think he’s the most handsome boy in the world. 10/10 would come back for another one if we wanted another dog. They are high energy dogs but he’s so smart. At 4 months he knows “sit”, “lie down”, “roll over”, “paw”, “other paw”, and we’re working on “stay”.

If you can commit to a life long buddy, I would recommend this breeder.

- Hannah Chelimsky